8 Lessons from Rise

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The Rise Conference encouraged us all to be better by focusing not on ourselves but on those around us and connecting human to human. Kylie Davis highlights the key lessons she took from the conference. 

1. Focus on the process not the outcomes

Layne Beachley set the scene with an awesome presentation that at its core spoke to the importance of focusing on being great at the skills themselves for the love of them rather than trying to win the prize. The prize is the outcome of the mastery of the process. This was backed up by Ben Crowe who pointed out that Ash Barty became number one by playing her best tennis to win each point rather than focusing on winning the grand slam. 

2. Surround yourself with good people

We all have strengths and weaknesses. Hiring people who can offset your weaknesses and supporting them to achieve their goals is both a way to amplify your effectiveness, allow you to achieve more and stay connected.

3. Sprints versus downtime

There’s no doubt real estate is a real marathon these days. It’s important to take time out to recharge as burnout is a significant issue. But sometimes it can be hard to make that time. Rather than waiting for the busy-ness to calm down  (at which point you start to worry about the future) see your year in terms of sprints and downtime. As Candice Hill explained this helps your organise holidays and meet family commitments too. 

4. Have a plan

It doesn’t matter what your plan is, the most important thing is to have a plan at all. Multiple speakers  across the day discussed the need for planning. Taking the time to think through your goals and creating some structure gives you the option to review your progress, celebrate the wins and course correct when necessary. 

5. Know how much your lifestyle costs rather than GCI

There are a lot of assumptions in real estate that you need to earn a million dollars in GCI to be a success. But that’s a meaningless number if you don’t know how much you

6. Prospect for relationships rather than listings

In the same way that you should focus on the process rather than the outcome, a consistent piece of advice  from the conference was that when you prospect to build relationships you will find yourself with more listings. But focus on listings and you will find fewer people want to know you. In times like now where the market is so hot, building relationships with buyers can be a lucrative investment for the future. 

7. Turn off – or train – the voice in your head

Jason Boon admitted to having struggled with the voice in his head that regularly beat him up and told him he was not good enough. He shared that he managed to tame it by reprogramming the voice to ask him questions instead of making pronouncements. So he now asks himself  every day “what can I do today to be a better agent/husband/boss/friend?” And that helps convert the criticism into helpful advice. 

8. Move from.”got to” to “get to”.

Ben Crowe talked about a simple mind trick you can apply to change your perception about things that need to be done in your day. Whenever you find yourself feeling frustrated about the thing that you need to do in your day, find the ‘blessing’ in it and change the language around it to say that “you get to” do the thing as in give yourself permission to enjoy the moment. As an example if you have “got to” collect the kids from school each day and you find that an interruption, change your mindset to think that you “get to” collect the kids and structure the interruption so you are making the most of your time with your family. It’s a simple act of gratitude that can have a major impact. 

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