The importance of Culture

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What is the only thing your competitors can’t copy…? It’s your culture.

Culture is the soil and the soul of your business. It’s your brand and your DNA.

Culture is caught, not taught.

Great culture, like great friendships, is a structure.

A leader who builds a strong culture is part scientist and part alchemist.

Culture is like an auto pilot in an organisation.

The biggest challenge today for a leader is not technology or marketing, it is and always will be – culture.

The soft stuff is still the hard stuff.

Culture is care.

You care for them, and they care for you.
You care for them, and they care for each other.
You care for them as a boss, and they care for your clients and customers.

A strong culture is also a filtration system for an organisation.

The leader is both the architect and the maintenance man of company culture.
Example is leadership for a boss.

It is impossible to build a good culture with too many takers in a team.
Givers and the WE word should prevail.

Culture is an invisible glue that holds teams together and the public get culture immediately.

Building and maintaining a strong culture is never about money and an exceptional culture is your best recruiter.

A dynamic culture is competitive and passionate and most of all it is flavoured with pride.

The people who work in organisations with good cultures smile when they talk about their workplace.

Strong culture is not just important, it’s everything.

Chris Hanley – the chairman of the Rise Initiative and head of First National Byron – reflects on the importance of culture in real estate businesses.

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