Real estate leaders landmark statement for change

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Almost 100 real estate leaders, representing some of the country’s biggest franchise groups and independent brands, recently signed a new charter for industry change.

The RiSE Statement was jointly created and signed by the 92 chief executive officers, managing directors and principals at the inaugural RiSE Leadership Retreat in Melbourne recently. 

RiSE co-founder and director Sarah Bell said the landmark statement sought to connect the real estate industry to a new set of core values that were purpose-driven, rather than transactional. 

“Development of the charter was the result of the leadership retreat, following robust yet decisive discussions from everyone in the room as we looked at current industry standards, expectations and behaviour,” she said.

“The RiSE Statement encapsulates our vision to make real estate a human-centred industry that is led with both head and heart.”

Sarah explained that at the heart of the charter was the acknowledgement that as real estate agents we are members of the communities we serve. “This demonstrates how our role is grounded in a shared human need for housing and shelter as we navigate people through their property journey and hold their trust.

“Work that we are passionate about, and that we can be proud of, is a matter of human dignity. But our customers and communities will benefit when our industry rises and we feel fulfilled.”

Among the commitments in the charter were agreements to: 

  • improve the experience of customers; 
  • attract and sustain good people to the industry and, 
  • to elevate the profession to a place of respect for the benefit of local communities.

“We must elevate our behaviour in the real estate industry and ask ourselves what we value, reward and accept from our leaders, co-workers, teams and colleagues,” Sarah said. 

Sarah said the leaders who signed the charter were committed to its vision and planned to start “authentic and courageous conversations” to create change.

“We are the ambassadors for change, and the RiSE Statement is our pledge to demonstrate the behaviours that we wish to see in our industry,” she said.

The Rise Statement is available to read in full on the RiSE Initiative website, which also provides information and resources on mental health and wellness for the real estate industry.

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