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Mental health campaigner Mitch Wallis to speak at Rise Thrive


Pretending is painful, and in real estate, we’re often required to pretend that everything is perfect in our careers and that we’ve got it all together, even when that might not be the case. It’s time to get real!

That’s why we’re delighted that Mitch Wallis – one of the most inspirational, practical and honest speakers on mental health – will be speaking at Rise Thrive on the topic of Pretending is Painful. 

Mitch is the founder of Heart On My Sleeve. Heart On My Sleeve was born on May 30, 2017, when Mitch – a successful executive at Microsoft at the time – shared a video of his story, describing his battles with anxiety, depression and a lifetime of mental illness. 

He spoke about the conflict he felt between having the “perfect” outside life on social media, while suffering deeply beneath the surface. The video went viral and saw people from around the world tattooing hearts on their arms and sharing their stories. From that day, a movement was born and Heart On My Sleeve now offers proactive and positive mental health training to some of the world’s biggest companies – and the real estate industry. 

Hear from Mitch, and 23 other best-in-class speakers including AFL supercoach Wayne Schwass, judicial legend The Hon Justice Michael Kirby, warrior woman Shantelle Thompson and top selling author Thomas Keneally at RiSE THRIVE 2023. All speakers are appearing live.

Plus industry legends Cathy Baker (Belle Property), Madeline Kennedy (RT Edgar), Drew Ginn (Marshall White), Suzanne Brown (Rentwest), Laura Shooter (SJ Shooter), Justin Miller (Remax), Emily Sim (Ray White) and Lisa Jennings (CoreLogic). 

Created by real estate industry professionals, RiSE has been THE real estate conference for mental health and wellness since 2019. We promise frank conversations, bold ideas and keeping it real. RiSE is a stage without pedestals. We share stories and provide insights on better ways to deal with stress, build resilience, manage performance, connect, learn and grow. 


Rise Thrive

Tuesday August 29

Centrepiece Melbourne



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