A Few Good Men

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Creating Positive Masculine Cultures in Real Estate

The Positive Masculinity panel at Rise Leadership Advance featured some big names in real estate discussing the issues of managing young men in the industry.

The discussion with Matt Lahood, Dane Atherton, Ewan Morton and Jet Xavier was hosted by Chris Hanley and addressed the issue of toxic cultures and how to cultivate a positive work environment.

Here’s a breakdown of the key takeaways:

  • The Detrimental Impact of Toxic Masculinity on Men: The panel shed light on the harmful effects of toxic masculinity highlighting its connection to issues like isolation, relationship problems, and even suicidal thoughts among men.
  • The Necessity for Change: A crucial point addressed is the need for a cultural shift within real estate. This involves challenging negative stereotypes and building a more supportive system for men.
  • Leading by Example: The discussion emphasised the importance of leaders acting as role models and mentors. By offering guidance and support, they can become the change they wish to see.
  • Going Beyond Surface Issues: The panellists stressed that addressing the root causes of negative behaviour is key. They advocate for compassion and understanding rather than simply reacting to surface-level problems.
  • Building a Positive Work Environment: The conversation highlighted the significance of fostering a culture built on open communication, respect, and support. This allows individuals to feel comfortable expressing their struggles and seeking help.
  • Strategies for Difficult Conversations: The panellists shared their experiences and tips for having those tough conversations. Honesty, directness, and empathy were crucial elements for success.
  • Leaders Setting the Tone: The discussion highlighted the power of leaders modelling the desired behaviour. By setting a positive example, they inspired others to follow suit.
  • The Importance of Values: The panellists discussed the importance of establishing a clear set of shared values that reflect the organisation’s culture and principles. However, they emphasise that these values needed to be actively practised and lived out daily.