At the RiSE Initiative, we are incredibly excited to be partnering with the Heart On My Sleeve Masterclass program.

Each Masterclass is interactive and will run for 45 minutes. A 15 minute Q & A session will follow to ensure that you leave feeling supported, empowered and ready to use the skills and knowledge that were shared with you. 

All masterclasses are hosted by Heart On My Sleeve facilitators. They are free to access as part of the RiSE commitment to the real estate industry and due to sponsorship provided by MRI.

Bookings are essential, so please click on the registration links for each masterclass.

You are welcome to attend one masterclass, multiple classes or all of the masterclasses.

Live Webinars

Advanced Listening Skills

Nov 30, 2022 12:00 PM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

Six evidence-based attributes of effective listening and six techniques that lead to deeper understanding.


Live Events

Mental Wellness Conversations for Principals & Team Leaders

In this powerful half-day live workshop in Melbourne, we explore the issues and challenges that real estate principals and property team leaders face in creating workplaces that support better mental health.

Over 3 hours you’ll learn:

  • Why an understanding of mental health is vital in the workplace
  • The common risks and greatest opportunities for leaders to impact the wellbeing of their teams
  • Removing any confusion around responsibility and “making things worse”
  • Emotional Intelligence soft skills and listening techniques to ensure employees feel heard
  • Signs to look out for to know if something is wrong with someone in your team
  • How to check in on someone’s mental health whilst keeping things professional
  • The key questions to ask an employee who is struggling to ensure you are meeting your obligations
  • The key steps that help move the conversation from awkward to action
  • Keeping the rest of the team on track when a team member is not ok
  • How to navigate the complexities of boundaries as a manager – avoiding being under or over involved

Tickets are extremely limited with just 14 places available.

The Mental Wellness Conversations for Leaders Workshops are hosted by mental health provider Heart on My Sleeve to inspire and equip real estate professionals in having “real conversations” with colleagues, family or friends.


Friday, February 17 2022 | 9:30 AM

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Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia