Powerful insights from roomful of brave leaders

Thank you to all the real estate professionals who joined us at the 2023 RiSE Leadership Awakening conference in Sydney in March. 

It was an incredible couple of days filled with great conversations, powerful insights, new learnings and lots of fun. 

The RiSE Board would like to acknowledge that it was indeed a privilege to have such a roomful of brave leaders who actively participated in the two days of discussions.



RiSE Leadership Awakening 2023 was a two-day collaborative event attended by top calibre real estate executives who demonstrated they were prepared to be challenged about what makes a good leader.

Across two days of masterclasses, thought-provoking discussions and networking, we shone the light into the corners of the real estate industry to identify the behaviours, skills and leadership practises that support top-performing workplaces.

We explored the issues of modern leadership, reflected on the challenges we all face and drew upon the collective experience of real estate’s boldest thinkers.


Leadership Commitment Statement

Michael Sheargold + Sarah Bell + more than 130 of real estate’s top thinkers + a bunch of colourful Post-it NOTES = INSPIRATION!

After a two-hour Talking Circles workshop, the collective wisdom of the room was synthesised into an industry commitment statement.

“Together, we demand bold leaps to elevate our profession so that we constitute a community of professionals that is recognisable by the human-centric values of safety, respect, care, inclusion and a commitment to bravely challenging ourselves and striving to be better,” the statement reads.

“We empower the members of our community to be authentic, curious, innovative and kind. 

“We tell an unafraid truth, no matter how inconvenient. In doing so, we will become proud and trustworthy within the communities we serve.”

We congratulate everyone who spoke openly, shared ideas and scribbled down notes to contribute to this piece.



Gillon McLachlan

Dr. Lucy Hone

Chanel Contos

Kylie Davis

Mitch Wallis

Antonia Mercorella

Sarah Bell

Jason Pellegrino

Sally O’Connell

John Cunningham

Kylie Walsh

Michael Sheargold

Holly Longmuir

Chris Hanley

Megan Jaffe

Charlie Barham

Charlotte Pascoe

James Bell

Nick West

Rosalind Coffey

James Redfern

Rebecca Darley

Nick Dowling

Madeline Kennedy

Nick Carah

Veronica Morgan

Rob Matheson

Laura Shooter

Ben Chick

Nicole Unger

Nathan Casserly

Sherrie Storor

Tim McKibbin

Amanda Browell-Hook

David Gray

Alison Hatch

Ewan Morton

Seka Powell

David Elton

Vicki Sayers

Clayton Smith

Samantha Moffatt

Ben Thomas

Paula Shearer

Sunil Kumar

Tracy Burr

Gary Peer

Cassandra Lantry

Domonic Thompson

Lisa Hyland

Dirk Miller

Sophie Lyon

David Bowie

Kylie Cruthers

John Foong

Daisy Campbell

James Haywood

Stevie Bell

David Clair

Bianca Dobson

Scott Jackson

Meschell Howarth

Avi Khan

Tyler Leach

Dean Mackie

Lisette Schults-Rand

Luke Piccolo

Katrina Tarrant

Edward Carlile

Cathie Crampton

Mark McLeod

Valerie Timms

Hayden Groves

Christine Mikhael