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At the Rise Initiative, we provide tools and resources to have better conversations about stress, anxiety and mental wellness in real estate and how to improve your performance without burning out including:


Office & Principal Toolkit

Realcare app

Mental Wellness Training

Coaches & Presentations

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Office & Principal Toolkit

Encourage your office to open up about mental health and wellness and share information about the award-winning Real Care app with our Real Care Office Toolkit. 

Each toolkit contains: 

  • 5 x Real Care posters. (Stick them up in the kitchen, on the back of the loo door or anywhere your team will notice them!)
  • Principals’ introduction to the Real Care app overview
  • Useful digital links and videos to share with your team
  • Infographics and social media content
  • Pull up banner artwork for conferences or training days

You are welcome to share this kit with your team, other offices in your group, other agents in your area or anyone who you feel would benefit. You’re also welcome to personalise the messaging or content with your own branding.

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Real Care App

Help when you need it

Real Care is a free, multiple award-winning mental health and wellness app specially designed by the real estate industry. It recognises the specific stresses and issues faced by agents, property managers and real estate teams and provides tools to manage anxiety, anger, physical health and even finances. 

As an employer, sharing the Real Care app with your team, including it in inductions and encouraging them to use it is an important step in giving them access to mental wellness resources. There’s also an Employee Assistant feature providing confidential phone support from a trained counsellor courtesy of our partnership with Domain.


Rise Statements

At the Rise Initiative, we believe real estate can be better. At our past Leadership events, attendees have collectively come together to identify how real estate needs to change to put people – rather than transactions – at the centre of everything we do

Download the 2022 Rise StatementDownload the 2023 Rise Statement

Coaches & Presentations

Looking for a real estate trainer who can cover mental health and wellness topics as part of a broader training brief? Or looking for a presenter to discuss how our brains work and practical things you can do to address anxiety, stress and improve performance? The Rise Initiative is proud to work with some of the industry’s best coaches and trainers. 

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The Rise Initiative is very proud to partner with Heart on My Sleeve as our mental health training provider. Led by the inspirational Mitch Wallis, Heart on My Sleeve delivers evidence-based, highly practical, proactive – and positive – training that teaches the skills of managing better conversations about mental health at work. If you’ve ever worried that addressing an issue with an employee might make it worse, or you don’t know what to say in this space, a day’s training with HOMS will change your life. 


The free mental wellness tool for every agent and PM.


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