25 inspirational quotes to help change your life

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How can you create a sustainable career in real estate that provides purpose, meaning, and financial success, surrounds you with great people and delivers the lifestyle you want for yourself and your family? 

The Rise Thrive conference in Melbourne was full of knowledge, experience and inspiration providing insights, ‘aha!’ moments and the occasional punch in the theoretical guts about how to proactively manage performance through strong mental wellness practices, building your EQ and self-awareness.  

Here are 25 quotes capturing some of the most powerful pieces of wisdom. 

  1. Thriving is not a destination. It’s a way of being. It’s a series of micro-moments that help you to feel good about yourself and perform at your best. – John Cunningham, Cunninghams. 
  1. You don’t have to wait until the shit hits the fan before you do something about your mental health. – Wayne Schwass
  1. Talking about mental health should not be brave or courageous. It should be normal. – Wayne Schwass
  1. Stop saying sorry when you cry. You have nothing to apologise for. We’ve been taught it’s not how you behave. We don’t apologise when we laugh. Next time you are in pain and hurting give yourself permission to feel the emotion. – Wayne Schwass
  1. It’s time to start prioritising the leadership and wellness of PMs. You can’t grow your business if your people aren’t well cared for. – Emily Sim, Ray White.
  1. Difference and variety are the essence of humanity. The reason for evolution was not because everyone was the same but because there were variations. Variations are the course of nature and they have a purpose. When we realise that we can just get on with life and make the best of it. – Michael Kirby
  1. Cash is king, know your ratios on what you need, want and save, make sure your hardest working asset is your money, know your credit rating and know your numbers. And remember that finance people need love too. Take them out to lunch or a drink and they’ll be so grateful you’ll get free advice for as long as you need. – Lisa Jennings, CoreLogic.
  1. What I experienced with the Oarsome Foursome was to love the process, the equipment, love the competition, and the events. We didn’t see our competitors as bad, we saw them as really cool. We saw people who could work under pressure. Your competitors are part of your team. The mindset shift is that you’re never alone. You’re never doing it in isolation. – Drew Ginn, Marshall White. 
  1. Google did two to three years of study to understand the differences between their most effective teams and average teams. And they found that psychological safety and shared vulnerability contributed more than 60% to any other attributes. It was the biggest factor. Teams that felt psychologically safe performed 30% better than other teams. – Dean Firth, Macquarie Bank.  
  1. Find a champion in your business who is passionate about wellbeing and cares for their people. That doesn’t have to be the leader. You just have to empower them as the leader. – Sam White, Ray White.  
  1. High performance is not about activity. Racehorses will keep running until they keel over and die. Good trainers know that time off and downtime is more important to performance than the activity itself. It’s ok to stand back. It’s ok to not be at 120% all the time. – Jason Pellegrino, Domain. 
  1. Writers and poets understand the joy of life and death and that in between there’s a sea of doubt that has to be traversed. Reading poetry – modern poetry – is a great way to deal with the idea that you’re not alone, in whatever alienation you’re feeling. – Thomas Keneally
  1. A four-day work week is where you pay your team the full amount but they work four days. It’s about working more efficiently and productively. The fifth day is called a Power Up day and it is the day for your team to choose what they want to do. – Michelle Rigg, Rentwest. 
  1. Words have weight. Every comment and joke contributes to the fabric of our environment strengthening it with respect or tearing it down with insensitivity. Language shapes perceptions and normalises behaviours. Our words and comments, whether passing or hurtful, shape the culture and environment around us. We must be aware of their impact. When aware of inappropriate behaviour, ignorance is no longer an excuse. – Justin Miller, RE/MAX
  1. Purpose in western culture is always a north star – it’s something outside ourselves. But in First Nations cultures, purpose is something that we are born with. The world takes us away from it. But finding your purpose is about coming back to ourselves. – Shantelle Thompson
  1. Have the courage to face yourself. Deal with your own shit and see your shit as manure in which you can grow seeds. – Shantelle Thompson
  1. What would you do if you couldn’t compete on fees? We have to move away from being a transactional agent that sells bricks and mortar to a lifestyle advisor. Our job has never been about property, it’s about how we make people feel and that rises when we use our position of privilege for doing good. – Cathy Baker, Belle Property 
  1. Some advice when we first got married was that every night before you go to sleep, talk to each other about what you’re grateful for. It’s a practice that we’ve been really persistent with from when we were young and in love to now. – Laura Shooter, SJ Shooter
  1. Kind words make kind actions – Sam Shooter, SJ Shooter.
  1. One of the things I wish I could do more of is reduce the grey and the blur between work and family. There’s a lot of scope creep and it’s not fair on anyone. But you don’t have to change everything overnight. Just change one thing and be consistent with it. Madeline Kennedy, Buxton Mornington Peninsula.
  1. We have a Family Week Sort meeting and map out the week at the beginning, so I feel organised and don’t lose my mind. James Redfern, Buxton Mornington Peninsula. 
  1. You and I have unique qualities and ideas. We are not what happens to us. We are what we decide as a result. So we need to stop turning a failure into meaning “I’m a failure” and a No into “I’m not good enough” because we are all miracles. – Tanja Lee
  1. Recognise what your gift is. What is your talent, what is your skill. Everyone has one. The second you realise that, use that gift to benefit mankind. It doesn’t matter if it benefits one person or 8 million people. If you do that your life has purpose and if you turn that around, it’s the purpose of your life. – Nasir Sobhani
  1. To live life in congruence you have to come back to centre. Create a daily ritual of checking in to ask “How much is enough?” And at what cost will you do more? If you could do 90 sales a year, have a wonderful life, a couple of holidays and time with your wife and family, what would that be like? Striving for 110 sales might get you more money but push you away from those things that are truly important. So what do you really value? – Andrew Liddell, Bresic Whitney
  1. The shame we put around the problem is the issue, not the problem itself. Life is a lot about band-aiding. The brain is a risk mitigation device. It will do anything to avoid pain and keep you safe. But safe is defined as familiar, not healthy. So you have to go towards the pain to heal. – Mitch Wallis

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