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How to get involved with the Rise Initiative as an individual

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Even if your current employer isn’t convinced about the value of mental health conversations, or you’re a little unsure about discussing these issues at work, you can still personally be involved with the Rise Initiative.

The Rise Initiative supports individual agents, property managers and real estate team workers to better understand mental health by giving you the tools to better manage both your work performance and your personal life and by making training available to help you lean-in to this important life skill.

Here’s how we’d love to help:

Download the Real Care app

The Real Care app has been specially designed as an all-round app to help you improve your performance and support you if you’re feeling stuck or in crisis. It will help you meditate, set goals, deal with stress, manage anger, set budgets and even sleep better. Plus there are three free counselling sessions courtesy of Domain for those times when you just need to speak to someone.

download the real care app here

Seek training in the mental wellness peer support

If you’re interested to learn more about how to support a friend, colleague or family member who is experiencing mental health issues, or just want to better understand the space, we host regular training with Heart on My Sleeve that can help you have more heart-felt conversations and give you the language and skills to support difficult moments.

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Become a Rise Ambassador

If you’ve had your own journey with mental health, experienced life challenging moments connected to your real estate career or have a heart-felt philosophy around performance, we’d love to hear from you. We’re always looking for inspirational stories to share with our audiences that normalise bolder conversations.

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