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How to get involved with the Rise Initiative as an Office

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Set your office up for stronger performance by becoming involved with the Rise Initiative.

We love helping individual real estate businesses outperform their competition by revealing the power of “heart + head” leadership and working with their teams on better mental wellness and resilience.

The Rise Initiative does this through a raft of material to help you better manage difficult conversations while also providing powerful events, training and tools to support you and your team to have more open and connected conversations about mental health and performance.

Here’s how we’d love to work with you:

Recognise you have a duty of care to your team

Mental health is just like physical health. As principals and team leaders, Occupational Health & Safety laws in each state obligate us to keep our team safe or risk very stiff penalties. But the research shows it’s also very good business practice.

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Normalise conversations about mental health with your team

Pretending is hard and it’s our secrets that make us sick. While we are inundated with images of perfection through social media, most of us have lives that are messy and a bit chaotic and sometimes it’s hard to leave that at the door when you come to work. Rise offers training to help you have these conversations with your team safely and with the appropriate boundaries.

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Create talking points around mental health via our kitchen posters

Send a signal and kick off conversations that are more open and honest by sticking up our Kitchen Posters around the office. Each poster raises a different common issue that research shows agents and PMs are feeling, and ties to a different aspect of the Real Care app. Post them anywhere your team congregate – and yes, the back of the loo door is a great spot!

Download our Real Care Office Tool Kit here

Roll out the Real Care app across your organisation

The Real Care app has been designed by the real estate industry specifically to address mental wellness for us as agents and property managers. Make it part of your onboarding and encourage your team to download it and use it regularly to build their understanding about how their mental state impacts their performance.

Learn more about the real care app here

Introduce an Employee Assistance Program

The cost of providing an Employee Assistance Program can be prohibitive as an individual office – so borrow ours! Thanks to Domain, every member of your team can access three free and completely confidential counselling sessions through the Real Care app. Being able to provide this service can not only save lives and help your people through hard times, but it can also be an important piece of compliance to demonstrate you take mental health issues seriously as an employer.

download the real care app here

Improve and challenge your leadership skills

Immerse yourself in the latest and boldest thinking about leadership and success by attending our Rise Leadership events. We host one each year with a format that combines the latest in leadership and culture frameworks, networking with the most inspirational leaders in the country and a collaborative format that supports powerful, connected and revelatory conversations. We promise it will change how you think.

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