Rise & the Real Care app win third major award!

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The Rise Initiative and the Real Care app have won a third major accolade picking up the Wellness Program of the Year Award at the National Property Management Awards in Melbourne.

The glamorous awards ceremony, held by PM Partners at the San Remo Ballroom in Carlton, saw 14 awards presented to individual property managers and businesses to recognise and reward excellence, service to clients and commitment to the industry. 

Real Care app was announced the winner from an all-star field of finalists, including Benny Button, Zen PM, InvestaRent and Woolfall & Stone and the award was collected by Rise director, James Redfern from RT Edgar Mornington Peninsula.

“The Rise Initiative team are truly thrilled to receive such a prestigious award from the property management community and against such an extraordinary group of finalists who are all doing incredible work,” Rise director, Sarah Bell said. 

“Property managers have been carrying a heavy burden in real estate offices for many years, and that has intensified significantly with Covid lockdowns and rental shortages, so it’s been hugely gratifying to see the Real Care app being used by so many to take a proactive step in managing their mental wellness.”

Research from MRI Software shows property managers experience unique challenges in the mental wellness space with 53% saying they struggle with mental health and switching off after work, and 60% saying the biggest issue they face at work is dealing with conflict. 

The Real Care app helps property managers manage their mental wellness with tools including stress release exercises, meditations, sleep management and goal setting. The new My Work Day feature allows users to set their work schedule, identifying typical hours worked, their commute time, overtime or additional hours and caffeine preferences. 

It is then able to provide alerts to maximise health and performance outcomes, including letting users know when to turn off the phone and shut down any blue light to improve sleep, when the last cup of coffee for the day should be, and when it’s time to take a microbreak or head off to bed. 

The app will also send notification reminders about staying hydrated, being mindful and when to take a stretch. 

“Mindfulness, awareness of what you’re doing and the impact it can have on your health is the first step in creating change,” Sarah said. 

“The My Work Day feature is truly insightful and helps you see how your weekly work practices are impacting your health and the small things you can do to make big changes, 

“We are deeply grateful for the support of Domain, our foundation partners in helping us get it up and running, and for the ongoing commitment and enthusiasm for the project from our board and our legendary advisory committee and partners, including Macquarie and MRI Software.”

The National Property Management Award is the third award that the Real Care App has won over the past 18 months. It received the Women in Real Estate Social & Community Program of the Year Award for 2021, and the Social & Community Program of the Year at the REB Awards 2022. 

“It is deeply gratifying to see the Real Care app being recognised through such prestigious awards because it helps build awareness which supports getting it into the hands of those who need it the most,” Sarah said. “Our goal is to save lives and help those suffering from stress or anxiety to regain their sense of wellbeing, and if it helps just one agent or property manager and their families, the effort has been worth it.”

The Real Care app is just one element of the Rise Initiative which is a registered charity working to support mental wellness in real estate. The Rise Initiative is hosting the Rise Leadership Awareness conference from March 26-28 for real estate and property management executives and leaders. 

Find out more about the Real Care app here.

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