Real Care app launches new My Work Day feature

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Real Care, the mental wellness app for the real estate industry, has launched a new feature to help agents and property managers understand the impact of their working day on their health and maximise their performance.  

The My Work Day feature of the award-winning Real Care app allows users to set their work schedule, identifying typical hours worked, their commute time, overtime or additional hours and caffeine preferences. 

It is then able to provide alerts to maximise health and performance outcomes, including letting you know when you should turn off the phone and shut down any blue light to improve your sleep, when your last cup of coffee for the day should be, and when it’s time to take a microbreak or head off to bed. 

The app will also send notification reminders about staying hydrated, being mindful and when to take a stretch. 

“The My Work Day feature in the Real Care app is a powerful new tool that helps agents and those working in the real estate industry understand what their day really looks like and how what is happening in their day is impacting their wellness and performance,” said Sarah Bell, a director of the Rise Initiative.

“It’s really easy to get caught up in the hustle and grind of each day, rushing around, working hard, staying back late and keeping fuelled with sugar and coffee while being addicted to our screens. This new part of the Real Care app helps us become more mindful of the impact of that kind of behaviour and provides us with the tools to address it.

“Getting a good night’s sleep, minimising the caffeine after lunch, staying hydrated and turning off the phone a few hours before bed can make a significant difference to our sense of wellbeing and our ability to cope with stress and anxiety. And through the app, you can start to both measure and manage progress.”

The Real Care app is part of the Rise Initiative, a charity created to improve the mental health of the real estate industry and transform the profession to become a more human-centric industry that focuses on people rather than commissions. 

The Real Care app puts mental wellness support into the hands of every agent and property manager across the country by being free to use and completely discreet. The app includes access to three free phone sessions with a trained counsellor courtesy of the Domain EAP (Employee Assistance Program). All sessions are completely confidential. 

“We are deeply grateful for the support of Domain, our foundation partners in helping us continue the work, and for the ongoing commitment and enthusiasm for the project from our board and our legendary advisory committee,” Sarah said. 

“Our goal with the Real Care app is to save lives and help those suffering from stress or anxiety to regain their sense of wellbeing, and if it helps just one agent or property manager and their families, the effort has been worth it.”

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