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How to get involved in the Rise Initiative as a Franchise or Major Real Estate Group

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At the Rise Initiative, we love working with major real estate groups to build awareness of the importance of mental wellness and its role in high performing businesses. 

We do this with a raft of material to help you normalise conversations about mental health, explore new ways to lead, complementary training that is designed to inspire and educate around different ways to ‘be’ in real estate and tools to support offices and individuals.

Here’s how we’d love to work with you:

Roll out the Real Care app across your organisation

The Real Care app has been designed by the real estate industry specifically to address mental wellness issues in property. Encourage your people to download it and use it regularly not just to deal with crisis, but to manage better performance. We have email sequences and a range of tools to help you share it across your group.

Download our Real Care Office Tool Kit here

Invite a Rise speaker to your next event

We have a great range of presentations to address the topic of mental wellness and performance with your people that are helpful, inspiring and give attendees practical takeaways they can use straight away.

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Train key members of your leadership team in mental health support

Rise works with Heart on My Sleeve and delivers peer support training for mental health. Just as you have fire and safety wardens, you can train key members of your team to deliver mental health first aid and preventative programs.

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Educate your principals on their obligations around mental health

Good mental health isn’t about the warm fuzzy feelings. It’s a moral and a legal obligation in all states as part of Occupational Health & Safety Policies with stiff criminal penalties. But it’s also really good for business with mentally robust teams outperforming their competitors.

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Introduce an Employee Assistance Program including free counselling

If you haven’t rolled out an Employee Assistance Program across your group, you’re in luck. The Real Care app has access to a free EAP courtesy of Domain and this includes three free and completely confidential phone counselling sessions. You can find it in the “Call Backup” section of the Real Care app.

download the real care app here

Identify key offices to attend our Leadership events

You probably have principals in your group who impress you with their leadership skills and those who you believe could be really great if they just leaned in a little more. We encourage you to send them to our Leadership events where we explore the modern challenges of leadership and provide new frameworks for connecting with purpose.

Learn more about the Rise Leadership Awakening

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